With 5G, Mobile Network Operators (MNO) has started delivering services like high-speed gaming, e-health, AR/VR, and IIoT. 消费者和企业一直在期待更快的速度, security, guaranteed performance, improved efficiency, 以及来自运营商网络的先进创收服务. 金博体育拥有最全面的IP和光传输之一, voice network evolution, analytics, and security portfolios in the industry offering solutions to global service providers ranging from the smallest independent operating companies to the largest tier-one operators.


Unified 5G xHaul

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With the introduction of 5G, Mobile Network Operators and Private Network Operators have the opportunity to introduce a vast array of mobile services, 从今天开始,我们将加强移动宽带, 在线手机游戏等服务, e-health, AR/VR, 物联网/工业物联网应用很快就会出现.

金博体育 seamlessly integrates IP and Optical transport technologies with powerful, intent-driven domain orchestration to provide a 5G xHaul solution tailored to meet each operator’s specific business requirements and the flexibility to evolve as the operator and their services evolve.

5G xHaul Solutions


Mobile Network Operators (MNO) are constantly evolving their network infrastructure for voice services in the 5G ecosystem. 随着语音通话从2G/3G网络转移到4G VoLTE网络, 运营商在提高通话质量方面面临挑战, reduce operation costs, 满足客户体验高清语音的需求, 视频和丰富的通信服务. 5G non-standalone (NSA) and stand-alone (SA) deployments will co-exist and ensure existing IMS based voice services utilizing the LTE network will seamlessly evolve and function together with 5G voice over new radio (VoNR) in the operator’s networks.

IMS Function 4G to 5G

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With 金博体育’s 5G Ready Voice Evolution portfolio customers can benefit from new enhancements such as premium HD communication experience, 无缝互联和漫游网络功能, 先进的自动化洞察力和分析, security, 灵活的基于公共/私有云基础设施的部署选项, operators can offer their customers communication experience with unrivaled quality, reduce cost of service, 并为新的服务机会打开大门.

金博体育 Telco Cloud

Telco Cloud Iso

金博体育’s cloud-native software enables secure cloud-based voice communications services delivered over private, 公共和混合云环境. The telco services enabled by the 金博体育 Telco Cloud software include Voice Over LTE (VoLTE), Voice Over New Radio (VoNR), 商业和住宅IP语音(VoIP)服务, and network interconnects. 金博体育的电信云解决方案提供安全的语音通信, service assurance, network monitoring and fraud prevention while taking advantage of cost-efficient and automated operations using cloud-native approaches.

Telco Cloud Solutions


金博体育’s EVS Transcoding solution promises to revolutionize the voice communication experience with unrivaled quality, reduced cost of service, 为移动运营商提供差异化服务. Delivered on 金博体育’s 媒体资源功能处理器(MRFP) platform, EVS转码可以部署在虚拟机上, NFV cloud or hybrid appliance options offering agile and flexible services to driver better operational efficiency. 欲了解更多信息,请访问:



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The 金博体育 IP多媒体子系统(IMS) solution combines robust IMS service functionality with the ability to securely and intelligently route high volumes of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Diameter traffic together with media processing and transcoding at both the core and the edge of the network. The 金博体育 IMS Media Resource Function (MRF) and Media Gateway (MGW) solutions, offer powerful transcoding resources that can be efficiently sized and scaled according to network needs. 金博体育’s 增强语音业务(EVS) transcoding capability offers unrivaled voice quality and reduced cost of service through lower bandwidth and capacity requirements with the added benefit of increasing RAN coverage. 欲了解更多信息,请访问:


Analytics & Insights

在当今瞬息万变的电信领域, 提供更高的客户满意度, 高效运行网络, 保障网络安全,创新新产品 & 服务,比以前更难了. 来自物联网(IoT), 超越(OTT)挑战, 移动应用的增长,直至5G网络的部署, 将有丰富的用户和网络行为的数据集, preferences, and needs. 由我们的大数据分析组合 OperationsSecurity, and Monetization applications, you can grow your investment with numerous out of the box applications to speed up deployments and provide a significant return on investment.

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批发互联,IPX和移动漫游 & VoLTE


金博体育 brings decades of global experience in enabling secure and scalable IP-IP and TDM-IP, voice and multimedia interconnect between diverse mobile and fixed IP networks, delivering session connectivity and interworking across diverse IMS and non IMS networks. 用于VoLTE/IMS互联和漫游, 金博体育提供安全的Diameter消息和SS7信令, support for VoLTE interconnect and roaming functionality that includes home or local media routing. 欲了解更多信息,请访问

Wholesale SS7 and Diameter Signaling


What do your customers do when they receive a phone call from someone they do not know or a number they do not recognize? Perhaps they answer it, but far more likely they reject it, send it to voice mail, or just ignore it. 在当今的电信世界, everyone does this, because they are barraged by spam and robocalls and assume the worst – someone wants to pitch something I do not need or want, 否则你就是想骗我.

With 金博体育 Call Trust you now have a solution that you enables you to restore their trust in the phone. 即使你有一个FCC要求的扩展来实现STIR/SHAKEN, you still need to comply with the mandate to have an originating robocall mitigation program in place. With 金博体育 Call Trust you can commit to your customers that you can meet the FCC mandate. In addition, you can add more value by being able to provide terminating robocall and fraud mitigation so your customers will be at much less risk from bad actors trying to get their private information or trying to prey on them with money scams.

Identity Assurance

5G xHaul

Flexible End to End xHaul

金博体育’s 5G xhaul solution is a reboot of the traditional mobile backhaul network. IP与光学无缝集成, 它的架构是为了提供服务敏捷性, flexile networking assured performance and network/service isolation MNOs need to profitably introduce new services.

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