Diameter 信号 Controller (DSC SWe)

作为一个生于云端, orchestrated signaling solution, the DSC SWe has been designed to leverage the benefits of network function virtualization (NFV) and cloud deployment models. The DSC SWe provides the same functional capabilities for SS7 and Diameter routing as 金博体育's hardware-based DSC 8000.

用DSC瑞典文, you can migrate your signaling network functions into a cloud environment to enable dynamic instantiation of virtual signaling for SS7 and Diameter routing, as well as service chaining with virtual policy control to support integrated number portability services.

DSC SWe的优点

  • Deploying SS7 and Diameter signaling in a cloud environment can be done rapidly, accurately and can be automated through service orchestration.
  • DSC SWe enables elasticity - the ability to have on-demand instantiation of virtual signaling resources to match dynamic traffic demands
  • The DSC SWe provides innovative load balancing to hide the complexity of managing message routing instances
  • Load balancing ensures the addition or removal of routing resources does not impact other Diameter nodes
  • Instantiation of virtual run-time ready STPs and DSCs, as well as grouping of virtual instances into clusters, dramatically increases your signaling solution reliability in the Cloud.
  • With high availability configurations, innovative failover and cluster management, 金博体育's cloud-native DSC SWe delivers against carrier-class expectations
  • A single solution includes support for 信号 Transfer Point, Diameter 信号 Control, and service chaining with virtual policy control for Number Portability functionality
  • The same Insight Element 管理 System (EMS) used for SBCs and PSXs also provides provisioning and configuration for the DSC SWe